wind turbine manufacturers 300x173 Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Due to the demands of renewable energy such as wind, wind turbine manufacturers are now increasing

in numbers. The limited resources of electricity such as fossil fuels are continually depleting over the years. That is why companies now shifted to using renewable sources of energy. Wind turbine manufacturers also target the consumers and households to cut their monthly electric bill.

Wind turbine manufacturers create wind generators as a solution to the energy problems. These generators are placed on a higher place in order to get stronger winds. It needs at least 9mph of wind in order to function enough. However, it is advisable to have more than that. The mechanism on how it generates electricity is simple. As the wind blows at a high speed, the blades turn. These blades are attached to a shaft. So they cause the shaft to turn. The shaft is connected to the generator. The generator receives the mechanical energy from the turning of the shaft. This mechanical energy is then turned into electricity which can be directly used or stored in batteries.

Over the years, wind turbine manufacturers kept on improving the design and scope of the windmills. They focused on the disadvantages of the generators. The main problem with generators is that they can be very noisy. They also consume big space. Because of this, wind turbine manufacturers developed smaller devices which can provide enough energy for homes. With this, anyone who uses small windmills get great benefits from it. Windmills can really cut off your monthly electricity bill, including your dependence on the electricity company in your area.

Before you start using the wind turbines, you should consider a lot of things first. Make sure that your area gets enough wind. It is not enough to have high speed wind. You need to have a constant wind. In order to find this out, you can check out a wind map of your area or you can measure the wind speed through anemometer. This will also help you determine the size and the kind of windmill you will be using. If there is lesser wind, you will surely need a bigger and stronger wind turbine. But if there’s much wind, having one small turbine is enough.

There are protocols involved in installing wind generators. Of course there are DIY windmill kits available. But just to make sure, you can seek help from wind turbine manufacturers to lessen the hassle and for insurance purposes.

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Wind Power Facts

by Jason

wind power facts 300x300 Wind Power Facts

Wind Power Facts

Wind energy has now become one of the most popular renewable sources of energies. Many companies and households have now switched to using wind energy due to the depletion of fossil fuels. This is one common wind power facts. Of course, there are still other benefits you can get from using wind energy.

Before you start using wind energy, it is best that you look into the wind power facts first. You must start with this so that you can evaluate in advance if wind energy works best for you. Installing a windmill takes more than just buying and building the device. Before you can do that, you to see the terms and conditions first regarding the building of windmill. You can approach the government and comply with their requirements. However, you should be informed of these wind power facts first:

  1. Wind energy is free. This means that as long as the wind blows at a constant high speed, you will be getting free electricity. A windmill can only generate electricity if the speed of wind available in your area is more than 9mph. This depends on the type and size of windmill you have. There are windmills that require 20mph of wind speed, while others only require 9mph. Other wind power facts and benefits are monetary. This means that you will be saving a lot of cash from it. It can cut your monthly electric bill in half or more. Also, you can save the excess energy and store them batteries, which you can late use for emergency purposes in case there’s lesser wind.
  2. Wind power facts also include its benefit to the environment. Wind energy is renewable. This means that it’s unlimited and it’s safe and clean. Unlike limited energy like fossil fuels, wind power does not emit toxic and other harmful gases to the atmosphere. That is why it is highly recommended to lessen the pollution our planet is suffering from.

Building a windmill is not much of a hassle. There are available DIY windmill kits available in hardware stores. They can be purchased for as low as $200. Once you have the materials, you can then build the thing by yourself. If you have more cash and does not want to build the thing yourself, there are windmill companies that can do it all for you. After considering all these wind power facts, wind energy is really worth using just as long as you live in a place where there’s lots of wind blowing.

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