Vertical Windmill

by Jason

vertical windmill 214x300 Vertical Windmill

Vertical Windmill

Windmills are very efficient free source of energy. The use of windmills has continually been encouraged over the recent years because of its economic and environmental value.  Many companies have now switched to using wind generators not only because it’s cheaper, but also because it helps conserve what’s left of our fossil fuels which is continually depleting. There are two kinds of windmill: vertical windmill and horizontal windmill.

Both vertical windmill and horizontal one can generate great electricity. Commercial windmill systems can cost $8,000 or more. However, that’s no longer a problem since there are now DIY Windmill Kits. This is the solution to the price problem of windmill. The materials used in building wind generators include blades, shaft, bolts, and DC motor generator. These materials can be bought for a reasonable price in your local hardware stores. You don’t have to worry about building the windmill since you don’t need professional help or assistance. The DIY kits provide instructions on how to build the thing. These easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions are accompanied by illustrations for your convenience.

Windmills can cost for as low as $200 only, at least for small ones. But the problem really is not the price, but in choosing which one to use: horizontal or vertical windmill. Horizontal axis windmills are effective and are commonly used before. However, it has lots of disadvantages and problems compared to vertical windmill. Horizontal can still effectively cut your electric bills and help you save money. But it is very noisy and big (with blades like airplane propellers). The blades are also not very safe especially if the wind is very strong. Due to its noise/appearance disturbances, it has been disallowed in some zoning areas.

Vertical windmill on the other hand is quieter and is more pleasing to the eyes. It features a simple yet effective wind catching vertical blades. Its design is cleaner, more relaxing to look at, and friendlier. Aside from being quiet, it is much safer even in strong or high winds. It can produce more electricity even if in low wind condition. This is because it can capture the wind not just from one direction, but from different directions. It is also easier to maintain.

Vertical windmill is the best for residential areas. Aside from the monetary and environmental benefits you get from it, you can also find relaxing just by looking at it since its design and style blends perfectly with nature and the environment. And you no longer have to worry about disturbing your family and your neighbors. It’s really a practical choice to have one at home.

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