Windmill Design

by Jason

Windmill Design 174x300 Windmill Design

Windmill Design

In this article I am going to write about some guidelines about how to build a windmill design.

Build your own wind farm:

1. Find a generator or alternator because this is what turns the kinetic energy into electrical energy. The cheapest way is to take an alternator out of an old car and test it with a battery. There are some people even like to build their own. I don’t recommend that unless you have experienced building things.

2. Build a propeller with three wings because three seems to be the most efficient number. It doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to be lightweight so you must use wood, plastic, aluminum, fiber glass, or whatever you find handy.

3. The number 3 important step to do is to build something that will house the motor. The only things sticking out of it should be the motor’s drive shaft and insulated wires because aside from this you will have to build a thin flat fin that will allow the windmill to turn into the wind every time it changes direction.

4. Attach the propellers to the motor’s drive shaft but it must depend on the size and shape of these parts. You may need to build something to weld them together incase of you don’t want the propellers falling off easily in a gust. Use a Loctite on any bolts because it is a thread locking fluid commonly sold to mechanics different types.

5. Use a pole that will hold the finished apparatus high in the air because the apparatus on top will need to rotate. Use a similar design to a bicycle because it will be water-tight and don’t forget to add an ample amount of grease so the ball bearings will move smoothly. Use galvanized steel pole because its resistant to rust and electricity.  The pole may also need to be held in places by three Guy wires depending on the strength of your pole and if you are buying your pole from somewhere try and find out what its tensile strength.

6. Affix the apparatus to the ground and cement it. Don’t forget to run the wires through a hole in the pole above ground or underground back to your basement.

7. Batteries are sold in the market which range in difference prices depending on your need. You will buy a system too that distributes electricity from the batteries back into your house and an Ammeter and Charge Controller to prevent overloading the batteries.

8. Unless you live in a cottage and use very little energy one windmill will not be enough but three or four windmills will be needed. Depending on the system and the availability of sunlight you could also supplement with solar panels but you can cut down on your heating and cooling costs by installing a geothermal heating system. Building your own little wind turbine farm or windmill design if you want to be fully self-sufficient but if you are a farmer this will be easier to do.

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